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Domiciliation Paris - 15 Euros /mois
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Tel . (33) 1 56 68 91 12



The choice of a domiciliation is adapted for the national, international trade or for investments.

The first step necessary for any person wishing to establish her private or businesses interests is to select a legal form so that the businesses could be led within the framework of a sure and professional entity.

That means :
- the choice of a starting capital,
- obligations of recording,
- the appointment of shareholders, administrators or members of the office,
- behaviour of assembly or board of directors,
- the recourse to an accountancy or one to that.

The follow-up and the perenniality of any entity require at the same time administrative, legal services and accountants.

It is consequently essential that a domiciliation provides a complete selection of services at keen prices.


Services and fees may change without notice. The information here in is provided as general information and is not intended as legal or financial advice.

If you use the information we have provided, it is under your sole responsibility to consult with your attorney and your financial advisor, and to confirm that the information provided in this web site is applicable to your specific situation.

Contact us
European Center of Domiciliation ™
4 Galvani street
75017 Paris - France

Tel . (33) 1 56 68 91 12
Fax. (33) 1 56 68 91 13

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