Protection of the private life and confidentiality

Welcome on our Web site.
Our objective is to protect your information within the framework from Internet as much as in all our other types of relations in our branches and on the telephone. This page aims to explain our policy with regard to any confidential information which you would be likely to leave us.

It is permissible for you to visit this site, to inform you on our products and our services, to take note of the last news or our new services, without having to provide us personal information.

Without your assent, we do not reveal with a third party, do not share, nor do not sell any information concerning you, such as address, e-mail, telephone number and fax, data demographic or of identification. We hold up to date all the data concerning your professional activities according to our usual standards of strict confidentiality and security.

Information constitutes the element paramount in our capacity required a service of high quality. However, the confidence testified by our customers is our best asset. For us, the securisation of the information of the customer and the use which is made by it, only with its assent, constitute an absolute priority. We protect any information communicated by our customers according to our most strict standards from security and confidentiality.

We limit the collection and the use of information of our customers at least necessary to be able to provide them a service of higher quality, consultings on our products, our services and other opportunities and to manage our activities.

The access to this information is granted only to the authorized employees, having received a suitable formation for the data processing of customers. Any employed which would violate our promise of protection of the private life would be liable to our normal procedures of discipline.

We do not reveal information of customers without to have obtained his prior agreement or legal constraint.

We keep complete control and the confidentiality of information of our customers (except, if that is prohibited to us by the law). In accordance with this control, and acting like consulting for management and businesses of our customers, it will be possible for us to support possible interesting offers emanating from companies of reputation, or at the request of a customer, to provide him specific information. It is not authorized at these companies to hold information on a customer, except if this customer expressly expressed his interest in their products or their services.

Within the framework of all our agreements, we require of any organization, that it is given to us to engage for purposes of provisions of services, to conform to our standards of protection of the private life and to agree to subject itself to our procedures.

We exchange information of customers only with sources of publications or checks considered honourable and we efforceons ourselves to maintain our files of complete, brought up to date and exact customers.

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